VTU CGPA to Percentage

VTU – CGPA to Percentage Calculator

This post will help the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) students understand the concept of CGPA and allow them to convert CGPA to Percentage without any hassle.

VTU – CGPA to Percentage Calculator

You can put your individual semester SGPA and then calculate your CGPA and percentage using this SGPA to percentage calculator

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What is CGPA?

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. CGPA is a measure of the overall cumulative performance of a student over all semesters.

The CGPA is the ratio of total credit points earned by a student in various courses in all semesters and the sum of the total credits of all courses in all semesters.


VTU has adopted an absolute grading system wherein the marks are converted to grades, and every semester’s results will be declared with the semester grade point average (SGPA) and CGPA. 

SGPA is a score that a student receives as a measure of academic performance in a semester, and CGPA is a measure of the overall cumulative performance of a student over all eight semesters.

The SGPA and CGPA CGPA can be rounded off to 2 decimal places and reported in the transcripts

The CGPA is also calculated in the same manner taking into account all the courses undergone by a student over all the semesters of a programme, i.e.

CGPA = ∑(Ci x Si) / ∑ Ci

where Si is the SGPA of the ith semester and Ci is the total number of credits in that semester.

VTU – CGPA to Percentage Conversion

CGPA can be converted to percentage using the formula

Percentage = (CGPA-0.75)*10

For example, if your CGPA is 8.5 then your percentage would be (8.5-0.75)*10 = 75%

Below is the official notification from VTU that illustrates the CGPA, SGPA and details of the grading system. You can read it or download it to understand it better

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